How scary is Stephen King’s IT?

“IT” is a 1986 horror novel by a popular American author Stephen King.  It is about the experiences of seven children as they are terrorized by a being that exploits the fears of its victims and shape-shifts itself while hunting its prey. “It” primarily appears in the form of a clown to attract its preferred prey of young children.


These are the TOP 5 moments I find so disturbing & absolutely scary about “IT”.

*Georgie Denbrough death
A poor 6 year old boy who came across Pennywise while looking for a paper boat. He lost his arm and his life because of it!

*The Cookies
Bill, Beverly, Ben, Eddie, Mike, & Richard had a reunion lunch. It was all fun until the waitress serves them the “misfortune” cookies. They each found a torment prize inside each one of the cookies!

*The Fake Dorsey
Pennywise shape-shifted into Dorsey. Dorsey grabs Eddie and transformed into a famous movie monster and chased him through the town. The readers were left wondering what happened to Eddie.

*Beverly’s Bloody Moment!
Beverly was about to sleep, but heard a voice coming from her bathroom. Blood came rushing from the drain and scared the hell out of Beverly. When she tried to tell her parents, she was almost ignored!

*Henry Bowers Antics
Henry Bowers is of the bullies with a sadistic mind. He attempts to carve his name on Ben’s chest, but he only gets as far as the “H”. This is one of the moment’s that something evil happened without the help of the sinister clown.

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Stephen King’s IT

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