What type of reader are you?

booksReading is a good way to explore the world with your imagination.  It also gives us knowledge and information.  But have you thought about on what type of reader are you?

1.  Series Supporter

These are the type of readers that get into reading when they have an entire series to dive into.

2.  The Polygamist

They are the ones who love to read more than one story.  They juggle multiple books at once.  Such a multi tasker!

3.  The Literarist

These are the persons who only read “high brow literature”.  They are the elitist of the reading world.

4.  The Book Clubber

They like to join book clubs (DUH) and make friends all at the same time.  They are usually members of different book club.

5.  The Never Ender

These are the type of reader that are incapable of finishing anything they read.  Either they will skip to another book or do something else.

6.  Repeat Reader

A reader who likes to keep reading the same book over and over again.  They usually read a story for the nth time!

7.  The Picturist

You guessed it right!  They love reading a book with a lot of pictures!  They get information quickly via pictures.  They also get more entertainment this way.

8.  The Emotional

They get really carried away with every story they read.  They submerged themselves to the world of what they are reading.  They get sad, happy, fall in love, get hurt by just reading!

9.  The Old school

A type of reader who only reads a physical book.  They don’t like e-books, audio books or any app based book.  They like the feel & the smell of each page of the book they are reading.

10.  The New Hybrid

A new breed of readers.  Readers who do not read at all  because they love audio books!  It is technically a book, but they just have to listen to it.  A great way to do when you can’t focus your attention to reading something so instead you just put your headphones and listen away!

So what type of reader are you?

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