Dental Care Tips for your Pets

Most pet owners don’t know that dental care is just as important as regular trips to the veterinary, which in itself is crucial to the overall health & well-being of your pet.  Educating yourself on what is important for both dogs and cats, among all pets & animals you may have, is just part of being a pet owner, so here are my Top Dental Care tips for your Pets!


#1 Consult a Veterinarian
It goes without saying that you have to first consult a Vet for your Pet. Your vet will thoroughly examine your pet’s mouth: teeth, gums & oral cavity & make a recommendation regarding the result. Make sure to discuss your concerns with your vet and address any issues beforehand.


#2 Brush it Everyday!
While it’s important to follow your vet’s recommendations for getting your pet’s teeth cleaned in the clinic, it is also important to do it daily at home to promote good oral hygiene.

Brushing your pet’s teeth helps to remove plaque & fight tartar. When first beginning to brush, be gradual and make it a pleasant experience for your pet. It is recommended to use a finger brush and eventually add pet toothpaste (not use human toothpaste). Reward your pet afterwards for positive reinforcement.


#3 Diet!
What your pet eats affects his/her smile. Chewers & treats can help clean plaque from teeth. Make sure you get your products from a a quality source and avoid real bones because it can dangerous for your pet.


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