27,000 php in just 5 days in the Philippine Stock Market!

Is it possible??  The question I used to ask when I was still thinking whether to venture in stock market.  I first studied it when I was younger, probably around 2005.  I never really started trading since I was young and stupid (maybe I still am O_O).

Fast forward year 2017, one of my best friend Ronald talked about investing in the stock market.  My interest was renewed and sealed the deal when another friend of mine Karlo started investing in the stock market as well.  He showed me proof of him earning 20-30k in just 2 days.  I immediately started researching about stocks, then after a week I started my first trade.

Fast forward again to my 4th trade, bought 20,300 shares of PXP (Philex Petroleum Corporation) 9/18/2017 and sold it today 9/22/17. Netted me 27,391.29 php. I attached the screenshot below as reference.

NOTE:  I’m posting this to inspire people to learn about the stock market, not to boast or teach (since I’m not qualified to teach about the stock market).

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