5 Common Mistakes To Avoid In Your Atkins Diet



#1 The Fat Phobia
Natural Fats are fine when you control your carbohydrates intake. You need Fat to help stimulate the burning of body fat. Always accompany a carb snack with either fat or protein.


#2 Not counting Net Carbs
Net Carbs are the grams of total carbs minus grams of fiber, which has virtually no impact on your blood sugar. Don’t forget to count lemon juice & other acceptable condiments & include 1 gram of Net Carbs for sugar substitutes. And most important, don’t use your carb allowance for foods that are high in sugar and starches and low in fiber. Finally, don’t make the mistake of thinking no carbs are better than 20 grams of Net Carbs and eat only protein and fat.


#3 Not Enough Water
You should be drinking at least 64 oz of water every day.  No cheating!


#4 Those Sneaky Carbs!
Make it a habit to read package labels or Nutrition Facts so you can avoid added sugars and other sneaky carbs. Just because it says “low calories” or “diet”, it doesn’t mean it’s low in carbs.


#5 Eat more veggies
Starting at Induction, 10-16 of your 20 net carbs for the day should be coming from vegetables on the acceptable foods list.

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