My 5th Trade on The Philippine Stock Market

It’s been a while since I executed a trade. I don’t really know where to start but my God my 5th trade took me on a roller coaster ride!


Highlights of my experiences:

  • Bought PXP Energy Corp stock again on September 25, 2017.
  • Paper Gained 20,000+ php on the same day Monday.
  • Stock pulled back and incurred a paper loss at around 30,000+ php.
  • Days upon days as I watch my stock go down & my portfolio showing a paper loss of 80k php!
  • Realized how stressful & depressing trading really is.
  • Stock went up and down. This tempered my resolve & commitment to trading.
  • Stock started to rise up and made me realize A LOT of things.
  • I finally Sold my PXP and it netted me 4.7k php in 3 weeks.


Things I need to correct:

  •  I will change my online broker from Col Financial to Philstocks.  COL is good & all but that day when their system is being flooded by a lot of BUY/SELL orders request, it lagged so much that I actually incurred a paper loss of around 20,000 php.  Everyone using COL that day had a hard time executing a buy/sell request.  By the way, Paper Loss/Gain is a change in your stock portfolio that you have not committed yet into selling the stock so it is an unrealized gain/loss.
  • I Realized how pump & dump work.  Sometimes the stock price will soar high & immediately pullback after a day.  If you get caught up on top of the pump, you lose.
  • I need to manage my greed more.  I should have been satisfied with my 20k in 1 day gain, but instead I held into it wishing that it will increase some more.  It did not go up and that got me stuck on my stock position for 3 weeks.
  • I need to manage my risk more. When I started seeing the stock going down, I should have taken my profit & sold it!


PICTURE below for reference:

5th trade




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