The PROS & CONS of Paid Survey

paid survey

1. It consumes a lot of time. Some surveys can be finished in just five minutes.
2. Paid survey jobs don’t require any educational background or skills to answer. It only involves basic comprehension & English skills.
3. You are your own boss. It is up to you how many surveys you want to answer or when do you want to answer them. You can also do this while on a break at work or when you are chilling at your home.
4. You can join them free. There is no involvement of risk in this job.

1. Paid survey jobs are prone to scams. There are a lot of shady websites that offer enticing benefits to those who will join them so be mindful of those websites.
2. Some survey websites offer other payment like gift checks rather than cash so be sure to read them first before joining.


Here are the list of my most trusted Paid Survey Websites

1. Opinion Bureau
Countries Allowed: US, UK, SG, MY, AR, FR, DE, AU, CA
Check it out 🡺 Opinion Bureau

2. Survey Voices
Countries Allowed: United States Only
Check it out 🡺 Survey Voices

3. Survey Monster
Countries Allowed: United States Only
Check it out 🡺 Survey Monster


My Top 3 Dating Tips & Dating Websites for the month of LOVE!

internet dating

These are the Top 3 Rules I always follow when on a date.

#1 First Impressions Last
First impressions can be nearly impossible to undo, making first encounters extremely important, for they set the tone for all the relationships that follows. So trim your hair and nails, wear your best clothes appropriate for the occasion.

#2 Be Confident
Confidence leads to success & success attracts other people therefore being confident from the inside and out will higher the chance of a second date.

#3 Avoid any “EX” conversations
While this conversation is inevitable, focus on each other before you talk about others. If your date insists on talking about the “EX”, make sure you don’t say bad stuff about your date’s “EX”. Respect goes a long way.

These are the Top 3 Online Adult Dating Websites for the month of Love!

❤ AffairAlert
Info: Affair Alert has thousands of members, consisting of married women seeking secret sexual encounters. Men can sign up to connect with cheating wives in their area.
Countries Allowed: Canada, United Kingdom, United States
Check the site here 🡺 AffairAlert

❤ IamNaughty
Info: Each day our site helps thousands of single men meet and go on dates with women they find online. Free registration, handy search by location, crowded chat rooms – these are just a few reasons why women keep joining our community!
Countries Allowed: United States
Check the site here 🡺 IamNaughty

❤ uLust
Info: uLust is the no strings attached online dating site. Meet sexy companions available in your area that you can connect with today. The site has thousands of members, and signing up is free.
Countries Allowed: Canada, United Kingdom, United States
Check the site here 🡺 uLust