How to play Lost Ark Russia Demo

lost ark ru.png

Lost Ark Russia has a demo available from May 30th to June 6th, 2019. I will guide you step by step on how to play it.


1. What is Lost Ark RU Demo? File Size?
A demo that lets you test class skills in Trision gate and play through the first area and eventually PVP.  File size is 27.6gb.

2. How/Where can I play Lost Ark?
There are currently two servers right now, Lost Ark Korean Server and Lost Ark Russian Demo. I will only cover on how to play in the Russian Demo. There are a lot of guides on the internet on how to play in Korea.

3. How about Lost ark NA/SEA etc.?
No news yet except for the Russian server that is about to come out (no fixed date yet).

4. Why should I play Lost Ark?
It is a promising game and getting access to it via other country or demo versions is worth the trouble to test it until it comes out on NA/SEA etc.

5. Is Lost Ark Russia region locked?
Yes, that is why we need to use a VPN. Articles online suggest that it is not strict in Russia compared to Korea when it comes to other people playing from different regions.  That is why I will personally play in the Russian server.

6. Got other questions?
Join our discord server 🡺


1. account
2. VPN
3. PC and Internet (Duh)

STEP #1 Get a account.

Register here 🡺 and follow the steps below

Alternately, you can choose this to skip the phone number part. (I did not personally do this)

Step 2 Get a VPN

I’m using Exitlag vpn since they already support Lost Ark RU.
Get your VPN here for a FREE Trial 🡺 Exitlag
Use promo code “kiratv” or “gingin” if you are planning to purchase it for a Discount.

OR you can use 🡺 NordVPN

Registering and Downloading Exitlag is straight forward, so I won’t go into details about it.  Once it is installed and running follow the pictures below.


Step 3 Run the Lost Ark Russian Demo Launcher

FYI, I downloaded the game without using the VPN, some people used the VPN so it is up to you.



Step 4 PROFIT! Play and Enjoy the game!

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