MECH MASTER – The First Mecha Game on Blockchain


Blockchain is a system in which a record of transactions made in bitcoin or another cryptocurrency are maintained across several computers that are linked in a peer-to-peer network.


A Non-Fungible Token game is a digital, cryptographic token on the blockchain representing a unique item that is playable in a game.


Mech Master is a strategic turn-based RPG game where players are open to build their own territory with future technologies and protect their homeland.


Do you love to play games, but find yourself lacking in time? Do you want to have fun while you work? What if I tell you that you can do both! Mech Master NFT and Crypto game is the solution. You can earn while playing games, in the comfort of your home. The revolution of gaming is now here.

Do you love playing sci-fi games? Games with robots, gundam, Mecha, or starwars-esque vibe? Then this is the game for you! The first time I saw their website, I was amazed! The flying gundam-like robot got my attention, it even moves as you scroll their website. How cool is that?

Do you like to collect and customize big robots? Perhaps sell it for a profit? They have that feature too! There are seven races to choose from. Legion is the first Mecha created by the human race, replicating the physique and appearance of the human body, it has a balanced speed and power distribution. Ravagers are Mecha built for war, they take the shape and physique of beasts. Ravagers specializes in using their claws and fangs that are absent in any other species, to tear apart and dismantle enemies. Giants are huge and tall Mechas that tower over their enemies with big melee weapons, their durable body and high defensive stats makes up for their slow movement speed. Aliens are mysterious Mecha that host a futuristic and scientific body. They are highly active and agile speed in combat. Aerials are flying Mecha race that resembles the body of a giant bird, with a slim and lightweight body, they have moderate defense but possess insane speed that makes them deadly to anyone. Relics are unique to other Mechas due to their lack of joints in the body, which allows them to dislocate their body parts and easily replace them. Shapeshifters are adaptive Mechas that has the ability to transform into anything, making it complicated for enemies to counter them.

If those races are not enough for you, they also have different tiers of equipment and pilot, like Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Limited time items and set equipment. They also have different Mecha elements, namely, Fire, Ice, Earth, Thunder, Air, Water, Light, and Dark.

You can play in adventure, Master Mecha Arena, or even Tournaments. You can also just collect and trade Mechas, it’s really up to you. Mech master is not your average NFT game, it’s a well thought and designed Metaverse that will immerse you when you play it. On top of that, you can earn money too! Isn’t that amazing?! So what are you waiting for? Check their project below.





I’m not a financial advisor. Always do your own research and risk only what you can afford to lose. While people really do earn from Crypto and NFT games including me, it’s not always the case. So enter at your own risk.
God bless!


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