My top 3 LOGO design makers review

Here are my top 3 LOGO design makers! Some of them offer services beyond logo design!


1.  Fiverr

Fiverr is a global online marketplace offering various tasks and services.  The site is primarily used by freelancers to offer services to customers worldwide.

* A LOT of designers
* A very handy search function
* A lot of good reviews

* Designer limitations
* Some designs do not have a professional quality feel into it


2.  99designs

99designs is an online graphic design marketplace headquartered in San Francisco.  Designers worldwide come together & make their work available to clients wherever they are.  Designers then compete to have their designs picked by their client.

* They have a huge variety of designers
* Packages are competitive
* One of the big names in the industry

* Can sometimes be tedious to pick a design via contests
* Pricing can be a little-bit stiff than other alternative websites


3.  Designhill World's #1 Marketplace for Custom Designs!
Designhill, is also a crowd-sourcing freelance website. They offer up some fresh ideas that make them stand out. You can hold design contests or buy pre-made designs.

* Also a lot if designers
* They have Money Back Guarantee
*Affordable Pricing

* Can sometimes be tedious to pick a design via contests
* Quality of designs sometimes is a hit or miss


Your favorite site is not on the list?  Leave a comment below!