My 5th Trade on The Philippine Stock Market

It’s been a while since I executed a trade. I don’t really know where to start but my God my 5th trade took me on a roller coaster ride!


Highlights of my experiences:

  • Bought PXP Energy Corp stock again on September 25, 2017.
  • Paper Gained 20,000+ php on the same day Monday.
  • Stock pulled back and incurred a paper loss at around 30,000+ php.
  • Days upon days as I watch my stock go down & my portfolio showing a paper loss of 80k php!
  • Realized how stressful & depressing trading really is.
  • Stock went up and down. This tempered my resolve & commitment to trading.
  • Stock started to rise up and made me realize A LOT of things.
  • I finally Sold my PXP and it netted me 4.7k php in 3 weeks.


Things I need to correct:

  •  I will change my online broker from Col Financial to Philstocks.  COL is good & all but that day when their system is being flooded by a lot of BUY/SELL orders request, it lagged so much that I actually incurred a paper loss of around 20,000 php.  Everyone using COL that day had a hard time executing a buy/sell request.  By the way, Paper Loss/Gain is a change in your stock portfolio that you have not committed yet into selling the stock so it is an unrealized gain/loss.
  • I Realized how pump & dump work.  Sometimes the stock price will soar high & immediately pullback after a day.  If you get caught up on top of the pump, you lose.
  • I need to manage my greed more.  I should have been satisfied with my 20k in 1 day gain, but instead I held into it wishing that it will increase some more.  It did not go up and that got me stuck on my stock position for 3 weeks.
  • I need to manage my risk more. When I started seeing the stock going down, I should have taken my profit & sold it!


PICTURE below for reference:

5th trade




27,000 php in just 5 days in the Philippine Stock Market!

Is it possible??  The question I used to ask when I was still thinking whether to venture in stock market.  I first studied it when I was younger, probably around 2005.  I never really started trading since I was young and stupid (maybe I still am O_O).

Fast forward year 2017, one of my best friend Ronald talked about investing in the stock market.  My interest was renewed and sealed the deal when another friend of mine Karlo started investing in the stock market as well.  He showed me proof of him earning 20-30k in just 2 days.  I immediately started researching about stocks, then after a week I started my first trade.

Fast forward again to my 4th trade, bought 20,300 shares of PXP (Philex Petroleum Corporation) 9/18/2017 and sold it today 9/22/17. Netted me 27,391.29 php. I attached the screenshot below as reference.

NOTE:  I’m posting this to inspire people to learn about the stock market, not to boast or teach (since I’m not qualified to teach about the stock market).

My third time trading in the Philippine Stock Exchange

I bought a stock from Century Peak Metals Holdings Corporation and held it for 2 days.  Gained a net total of 3,885 php, but the journey was full of ups and downs if you know what I mean. 😉

Below is a screenshot of my trade history for your reference.

(Note: Ctrl and + to zoom.  Ctrl and 0 to revert back the changes)

cpm stock for blog.png

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My second time trading in the Philippine Stock Exchange!

Just sharing my experience in trading the blue chips stock MEG (Megaworld Corporation).

1st day:
MEG stock price is on its 52 week high and is on a bullish market.  I decided to buy shares because of it.

2nd day:
MEG stock prices fluctuated and consolidated. I decided to sell it since I’ve held the stock for 2 trading days already.


Watching the stock go up and down real time is quite exhilarating.  Thank God I was able to get in and out of the market and easily netted me 1,631 php. 🙂

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How to start investing in stocks?

I recently posted my stock trade and  got a number of messages on  how to start investing in stocks.  That is why I decided to make a tutorial for beginners.  Usually people buy stocks for long time “investment” and some “trade” stocks for short term.  I’m more of a trading guy and I picked the Philippine Stock Exchange market since I live in the Philippines.

Here are the step by step that I personally did to get started:

1.  Learn about the craft

When I decided to start trading stocks, I explored another world we call “The Internet”.  I Googled and You-tubed anything regarding stocks and how to start with it.  But the learning doesn’t stop there!  I continually hone my trading skills since real money is involved in there.

2.  Identify your strategy

Your strategy depends on how much is your budget and the time you want to spend learning and analyzing the stock market.

A. Short term

A1.  Intra day trading

This is a form of stock trading in which you buy and sell the stocks on the same day.  I would not personally suggest this method since Philippine Stock Exchange market does not have enough volatility on a day to day basis unlike in New York Stock Exchange.  The fees for buying and selling the stock will eat up your capital.

A2. Swing Trading

This is a form of stock trading in which you buy stocks and sell it after a few days or weeks.  This is the method I personally use and I fell in love with it! ♥‿♥

B.  Long term

B1.  Long term hold

This is a form of stock investing in which you buy blue chips stock (a stock from a reputable company like Ayala Corporation, SM Investments Corporation etc.) and then you will hold the stock for over 6 months or even years.

B2.  Peso cost averaging

This is a form of stock investing in which you buy stocks for a set amount of money each month or quarter over a year or more. This strategy is fit for people who wants to save some money every month instead of just putting it on their savings account.  This is also ideal for people with limited budgets since you get to invest let’s say 5,000 php a month.

3.  Picking a stock broker

If you want to buy and sell stocks, you will need a broker.  There are a lot of online brokers here in the Philippines but my top two choices were BPI Securities Corporation and COL Financial Group, Inc.  I personally chose the latter.

4.  Use the right tools/website

I will enumerate the different tools I personally use every day to trade and analyze the market.


Since this is the online broker I personally use, I’m obliged to use their website :p.  I use their website to buy and sell my stocks.  I also use their website for monitoring the stocks via trades and via charts.


I use this website to also monitor stocks since they offer a good real time charts


I use this website to analyze stocks when the market is close.  They also offer a virtual trading platform in which you can trade with pseudo money.  This is very useful to test the market without actually risking your real money.


Another website I use to analyze stocks when the market is close.  They also have suggestions on what stocks to buy, hold or sell.

So those are the steps I personally made in order to get started.


1.  How much do I need to get started?

It depends on the broker you chose.  It ranges from 0 pesos to 1m+ php.  My stock broker has a minimum investment of 5,000 php.

2.  Is it complicated?

Not really.  If you can grasp the basic idea of buying something low and selling it high then I guess you can easily learn stocks.

3.  I still don’t get it!

Leave a comment below so  I can address your questions 🙂

How did I make money in the Philippine Stock Exchange?

I started to venture on the stock market here in the Philippines. Took me over a week of self-studying and practicing on virtual stock games to test my theories.  I studied stock patterns and technical analysis,  it was surprisingly fun!

Finally, I got the courage to use my hard-earned money and bought & sold my first stock and thankfully it was a positive trade that netted me 1,742.73 php in just 1 day! By the Holy Light! \(^○^)人(^○^)/

(Note: Ctrl and + to zoom.  Ctrl and 0 to revert back the changes)
stock prmx trade for blog2.png
(Disclaimer: This is not a tutorial, but rather just sharing my experience)