My second time trading in the Philippine Stock Exchange!

Just sharing my experience in trading the blue chips stock MEG (Megaworld Corporation).

1st day:
MEG stock price is on its 52 week high and is on a bullish market.  I decided to buy shares because of it.

2nd day:
MEG stock prices fluctuated and consolidated. I decided to sell it since I’ve held the stock for 2 trading days already.


Watching the stock go up and down real time is quite exhilarating.  Thank God I was able to get in and out of the market and easily netted me 1,631 php. 🙂

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How did I make money in the Philippine Stock Exchange?

I started to venture on the stock market here in the Philippines. Took me over a week of self-studying and practicing on virtual stock games to test my theories.  I studied stock patterns and technical analysis,  it was surprisingly fun!

Finally, I got the courage to use my hard-earned money and bought & sold my first stock and thankfully it was a positive trade that netted me 1,742.73 php in just 1 day! By the Holy Light! \(^○^)人(^○^)/

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stock prmx trade for blog2.png
(Disclaimer: This is not a tutorial, but rather just sharing my experience)